David Whitmer’s Seer Stone

David Whitmer’s Seer Stone

This is David Whitmer’s seer stone. It was likely that David obtained this stone from Native American burial sites in western New York. The seer stone is in reality a Native American gorget, which was a rock worn around the neck as a decorative, but functional piece of armor. The stone was used during David Whitmer’s church organization and was used to obtain revelations during the 1870s and 1880s by his grandson George Schweich. The David Whitmer Stone is in the Library-Archives of the Community of Christ in Independence Missouri.


The David Whitmer Stone by Photo by Alvin R. Dyer, 1955


This is a similar gorget (but not a seer stone) currently for sale at Ripley Auctions


Wee-tá-ra-shá-ro, Head Chief of the Wichita Tribe, 1834. Image copyright George Caitlan, now held at the Smithsonian American Art Museum. (note the gorget)

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Featured Image Photo – George W. Schweich