Mark Hofmann Seer Stone

Mark Hofmann Seer Stone

Mark Hofmann created a seer stone forgery that looks very similar to David Whitmer’s seer stone.

The inscription reads:

Henry Wilde/ John Wilde

Stone thru which Father would see the

complection and gender of all his

children… He found it about 1860 near

in 1851 (in pencil)

Logan, U.T.

Additional information about the stone states that Hofmann claimed he found it in an antique store just oustide Logan, Utah. The store was visited by Lyn Jacobs and the owner of the store didn’t know anything about the stone. The inscription is supposedly by the son or daughter of her Father’s use of the stone. Hofmann claimed it was owned by a bishop for personal use around the early 1850s in the Logan Area. It was used to  determine “the gender and complexion of his children” before they were born.

Hofmann was known to make things look more legitimate with tiny details such as the pencil correction of the date on this inscription. Whether or not this is an actual seer stone or whether the stone itself is also forged and created by Hofmann is unknown.


Learn More:

Stone available for viewing at: Family Pawn, Hurricane Utah. 1271 W. State Street, Hurricane, UT 84737